This workshop proposes to bring together educators and industry professionals to share new ideas and innovative methods integrate concepts of Cloud Computing, Big data and Internet of Things in the existing software engineering curriculum and expand their knowledge of technical and professional issues in the respective areas.

Cloud Computing & Software Engineering: Software engineering is not just about software development processes, but also about the effective delivery , deployment and maintenance. Cloud computing, through easy application deployment , dynamic resource virtualization and allocation, helps ensure effective application delivery and facilitates users’ access to use the applications. An interesting point is then to find the challenges and opportunities in developing software for the cloud, in terms of methodologies, languages, frameworks, tools and other software engineering concerns and explore what has already been done in these few years of cloud research, from the software engineering perspective.

Big data & Software Engineering: In Big Data applications, software and data architectures are fundamental components to ensure success. Challenges of Big Data systems requires design trade-offs that span data, software and deployment architectures. It would require the traditional software architecture body of knowledge to evolve to meet the challenges.

Internet of Things & Software Engineering: Through IoT, we are observing a paradigm change of previously disconnected day-to-day objects which relied on software to deliver functionality and connectivity to connected smart objects in ambient contexts with intelligent networks. Thus, a number of changes will need to be made in software development best practices eg traditional requirements engineering, largely focused on enterprise applications and processes, is not fully equipped to gather, model and describe such requirements.

Evolving Body of Knowledge of Software Engineering

New ideas and Innovative methods in the era of Cloud Computing, Big Data and Inter of Things (IoT)

SEED 2015 will be co-located with India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC 2015)

Sponsored by ISOFT: India Chapter of SIGSOFT